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So I’m in labor. It started at 5:30 this morning with slightly painful contractions, but nothing to take my breath away. It progressed very slowly, but nothing I did would change it–relaxing in my recliner, making my son breakfast, taking a warm bath, starting the laundry… They just kept coming. As of the last half hour or more, they are at least 5 minutes apart. I will be live blogging on my Life of a Happy Mom page on Facebook (just search for it–I can’t get the link right now) as well as my personal page. Midwife is on her way.

So lately my son has started singing. It took him long enough… he’s over 3, after all. But he doesn’t always get all the words right. In case you haven’t heard the song before, I had my daughter sing it for you first. I’m sorry the volume of the first section is much lower than the second section–just be aware of that if you turn it up initially. (Email subscribers, please click through to see the video.)

Okay, so the title might be a bit corny, but surely the picture is cute:

I know not everyone enjoys peeling skin. Some people think it’s disgusting. Others, however, delight in it. My mom does. I do. And, apparently, so does my son. From sunburns to bubbled skin after a bath, it’s a fun pastime.

Of course, it makes it difficult to get him dressed as long as he can find something to peel!

Today Gislaine officially started “preschool.” Okay, so it’s not traditional preshool, but since her friends across the cul-de-sac are both going to school, I wanted to do something.

So every day we work on a memory verse. This week it’s John 10:27. We also focus on a character trait–this week is Attentiveness. We also have a letter and number of the week–that would be A and zero. She traces a few letters or numbers, or does some other simple preschool activity in a preschool book (most of those I bought at the dollar store). Then we have a story or a craft that goes along with either the character trait or the letter or number.

It took us less than half an hour to get today’s work done, and she enjoyed herself thoroughly. I made her erase some of her tracing for being rather sloppy and redo it, and that helped her to learn to do better. I also plan on having her learn to color realistically and to stay in the lines better (though she does tolerably well already).

So I suppose we can consider the first day of school a success. Now she’s over at the neighbor’s house, playing with her friends. That’s where I think 4-year-olds should spend most of their time–a few chores, a little school, and a lot of play.


Gislaine and Manny were playing happily outside in the last hour of daylight while I worked on some overdue blogging. All of a sudden they came running into the office holding dandelions. Gislaine informed me that “Jesus sent us some dandelions!” I thought that was so sweet. As was this picture I took of her (tried to get one of Manny, but he refused to pose).

Most people hate shots. I have never minded them, though I can’t say I exactly enjoy them. But my son loves them. At least, he gets excited when I tell him it’s time for a shot, or if he sees me bringing the needle up the stairs. For example:

Maybe it has to something to do with how we finish the shot. I poke, squeeze, and pull out faster than you can read it. Then I recap the needle, break the end off, and hand him the cap with the sharp point safely inside. Then we ceremoniously walk over to the sharps container and he drops it in.

I was thinking that maybe we would switch to a sublingual B12 supplement, but this is working so well, maybe we’ll just keep doing it!

The other day I asked Gislaine to do something. She didn’t want to and told me so, then burst into tears. At the same moment I realized I had to change her brother’s diaper. So I told her to sit down and wait while I went upstairs.

When I came back, this is what I saw:

[Note: The headgear is her idea… probably came from reading Bible story books with pictures…]

I thought that was so cute! But I wondered if she really knew what she was doing. I mean, she had seen me stop in the middle of a tough situation and pray just like that. But I was praying silently. Had my teachings really been sinking in?

Here is a video reenactment of what she told me (with me prompting to remind her what to say next).

In case the video won’t play for you (it won’t for me–not sure why–it plays on the camera just fine), here is a transcript:

Me: So, Laine, what were you doing?

Gislaine: Uh, I was praying.

Me: Really?

G: Uh huh.

Me: Really? What did you pray about?

G: Um, [mumble mumble that I can’t remember] Satan in my heart.

Me: That’s right, and–be nice, Manny, be nice (as he pushes at her to get her off the seat)–you may stand up now.

G: I want a video!

Me: We’re doing a video–Still! Stop! Stop! (as she starts to walk out of the view of the camera) Okay, now, tell me the rest of it. And what did Jesus do when you prayed?

G: He came back in my heart!

Me: And what did He make Satan do?

G: He said, “Go away,” then he go away.

Me: I’m so glad!

But I hope you can watch it. I’m not sure what’s up with our computer… it doesn’t like our camera, I think.

At least, that’s what I think Manny would say if he could talk. I found a recipe for Sweet Potato Pancakes the other day and made them for my son this morning. At first he didn’t want to try them. He’s not used to eating anything that looks like things he never eats… that doesn’t make sense. Let me try again. He’s only used to eating beans mixed with cereal, with either fruits or veggies. So at first he refused them. But I poked a bit in his mouth and he decided he liked them! He ate 4 for breakfast and almost 5 for lunch! I decided to snap some pictures:

As you can see, they seem to be disappearing! Oh, and yes, he does use his sisters old bibs. At least they have green on them! [Ducking and running for cover]

Just thought you would like to see that!

If I had thought of it, I would have put Potty Training My Son as one of my goals to be reached by the end of this year, if possible. I mean, he turns two this month, so that is not an unrealistic goal.

With my daughter, I would try putting her on the potty off and on every few months, and suddenly she started telling me when she was wet, then when she was almost wet, then with time to take her potty… I put panties on her at 19 months.

My son is a whole different story! Partly because of his eczema, I gave up on the infant potty training I was doing with him from early on (about 2 weeks old), and because we had carpet I didn’t want to experiment with it too much. Also we were in limbo–not sure when or where we would move. Now we are stable, buying a house, have hard floors in every room except the office, and I got crazy brave and decided to try it this week.

I figured it was worth a try. I’m not going to push it if he doesn’t show progress by the end of the week. But he seems to be aware of his bodily functions. He has come up to me a few times, patting his bottom and saying “poo poo.” If he sees pee, he will mention it. I have been talking about “pee pee diapers” when I change him, and “poo poo diapers” too.

Yesterday, I let him run around sans diaper for a couple of hours. During that time, I netted about 3 piles of poo and a few more wet spots. Because of course he would never do it while sitting ON the potty–always had to wait for about 30-60 seconds after getting up! Fortunately my to-do load was light, so I just talked about it to him and cleaned up. (Thank goodness for a steam mop to help clean up!!)

Today, I decided to put him on the potty this morning after he had finished breakfast while I swept around the kitchen and living room. I gave him a book and let him entertain himself while I cleaned. As I was cleaning up the piles I had swept up, I heard him saying, “Pee pee, pee pee.” I figured he must have gone and went to investigate.

We picked this potty specifically because of the extra-high pee guard. But there are limits to even the tallest of those. Such as when a boy decides to see what that thing is that spends so much time hiding under his diaper–and decides to pee at the same time!

There was pee on the book–the open book. There was pee on the floor. There was pee down his pajama legs. There was pee on the front of the potty. And, wonder of wonders, there was actually pee inside the potty, too! Roughly 1/4 inch, I think. So I grabbed a shammy (the best things for soaking up puddles–I need to get more of them!) and wiped down all wet spots, then rewiped with wet cloth. Then I took my now naked boy (since his one-piece PJ’s were now wet) to the bathroom with the container of pee to ceremoniously flush it down the toilet. He got to pour it in and flush, and he loved it. I didn’t scold him for the mess, just reminded him with a smile that “pee pee goes in the potty” and whisked him off for the bath that he would have taken anyway even if he hadn’t made a big mess.

Day 2 of attempted potty training has begun. So wish me luck!

The other day we got a Highlights High Five magazine in the mail. Inside there were instructions for making a “curly crown.” I decided to let Gislaine do as much of the work as she was capable of doing. That meant all I did was fold the paper and show here where to cut, draw stars for her to color (since we’re out of stickers at the moment), and later do the final fitting. She did everything else. Here’s the result:

Gislaine made it all by herself

I know I haven’t been posting much here lately. Last month was supposed to be tofu month, but all I did was refer you to the post I did on making tofu–never posted any recipes. Sorry! I’m taking a little break from blogging for the most part and trying to get my eBay business figured out. Yes, a friend of mine got me started selling stuff on eBay. I need to get things organized and budget my time so that it doesn’t consume me.

So January will be tofu month. I promise! And in the mean time, I have a guest post in the works that will be coming out on Thursday, so watch for that. And I’ll try to make a post now and then between now and January. :) Encouragement will make it more likely, so please let me know if you miss my posting here. Thanks!