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After my first post last week about my son’s eczema, I realized that I should really start a separate blog for this topic. There are a lot of reasons for my decision, not the least of which is that I would like to target readers that might not be interested in all the other things I write about on this blog.

I went all out and bought a domain and everything. So go check out My Baby Has Eczema, and please share it with anyone who has a baby or young child with eczema!

Whenever something I post on that site is relevant to my readers here (for example, another installment in the story I started last week), I will post a link here on my blog, so you can follow it from here.

In the process of making the decision to start a completely separate blog, I learned some great information that any blogger who is thinking about a second blog should consider with regards to buying a new domain and the alternatives. I sent it to my favorite learning-about-blogging blog,, and you can read it here. is a great resource for blogging moms. I find myself going there whenever I have questions about how to make my blog better. If you are a mom blogger, I recommend that you subscribe to her site. No matter what your goal in blogging is, there is something for everyone, which means there is something for you!

I would like you to help me know what you enjoy about this blog, what you would like to see, and anything else that interests you. Please take a minute to fill this out. Your answers are confidential! Thank you!


I thought it would be fun to rehash the top ten posts for the last year. It is kind of interesting to see what people find interesting on this blog, I think.

Book Review – Raising Godly Tomatoes
I can’t believe how many people found this post by searching for reviews on that book! It is still one of my favorite parenting books. You can now buy it by clicking on a link in that post (added recently).

Mom, I’m Bored
A few ideas for moms of toddlers to keep them from getting bored.

Subscription Contest/Give Away
Sadly, I never quite reached my goal with this one. Next time I do a contest, I’m not going to have any qualifications like “If I reach X subscriptions”. Either that, or I’ll have better give-away options. In fact, I would like to do some give-aways this coming year.

Not Me Monday
This was one of my craziest Mondays and really good for a laugh once in a while. I highly recommend that if feel discouraged right now that you go read this. The “misery loves company” and “I’m glad it’s not me” factors should combine to cheer you right up!

Vegan Chicken Nuggets
I have gotten a lot of views from people searching for this very thing. As one comment says, it is THE BEST recipe out there. At least, in my and the commenter’s opinion. I really should make them more often.

Soy Milk Concentrate
I am amazed at how more and more people are turning to soy milk for better health. This step-by-step how-to with pictures has been pretty popular and a lot of people have found it in search engines. One lady even tried it and blogged about her results!

Canning Seasoned Beans
This is the technique I use every time I decide I need to can some beans. I really love having beans ready to eat in a pinch that don’t come from a tin can. They also have a really nice flavor this way. And it’s really not that much work, considering you get about 14 cans’ worth!

How to Make Tofu
Yet another how-to post–one of my first. I have actually stopped making tofu in the last few weeks, though I may start up again sometime.

Project Declutter: The Office
This would have to be my top most-recent post. And yes, I promise to finish soon and take pictures. I will post something by Thursday at the latest!

Coconut Oil
My favorite way of using this delicious stuff. Yummy!

So there you have it, my Top 10 posts for 2010. I will have to do this again next year! It was fun! So if you blog, what were your Top 10 posts? Please share in the comments!

At least, I think it’s week 3. Maybe it’s week 4, but I missed last week due to camp meeting, so that’s where it’s at.

Anyhow, I weighed in this morning at 139. I was hoping for 138, but at least that’s a pound less than I was last week and 2 less than the week before. I figure that slow progress is better than no progress, right?

I’ve also been working hard on my diet. Yesterday at church, I predetermined the amount of dessert I would eat, and ate only that much. I had plenty of opportunities to take a bite so two of something else, but I asked God for strength, and He provided it.

I’m not going to give a day-by-day breakdown of what I’ve done each day. I haven’t been exercising regularly, partly because I’ve been so busy cleaning and carrying boxes and children up and down stairs! But this morning I went a little over a mile, running maybe a third of a mile and walking fast the rest of the way. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to do some more of those exercises I was doing before we moved…

So that is my goal for this next week: to do at least two of those exercises, and to continue to watch my diet.

I’m a little disappointed. As of yesterday evening, I don’t have 25 subscribers. The actual subscription went up and down a little, topping out at 18 a few days ago (it’s currently 17, up from 15 the day before). So according to the rules of the contest, I won’t be doing a give-away.

But I’m not too disappointed. I have people coming to the blog every single day, and I have more subscribers than I started out with (which was 0). So that’s good.

As a consolation prize, I wanted to offer a coupon for 10% off anything in my store. But Paypal doesn’t let merchants make coupons unless they are eBay merchants. So since I’m not selling on eBay, I can’t do that. I don’t have time to go through and edit the prices on all the products, just to have to undo it again. Maybe I would if we weren’t moving this weekend, but right now that would be crazy!

So here’s what I can do. If you order within the next 3 days (that means, no later than Thursday evening), I will refund the shipping on your order (meaning that after the refund processes). This is the best I can do under the circumstances. Oh, and I will ship your order no later than Friday. That way you’ll get it next week. How does that sound?

Just a note: This is refund applies whether you participated in the contest or not, whether you are subscribed or not. It’s my way of saying thank you to those who did.

My son is on a gluten-free diet. This means the only amaranth, rice, and millet (he isn’t fond of quinoa, and it’s expensive). I’m also going to be trying teff soon. Because of his other allergies to dairy, eggs, and other things, he eats a lot of cereal and beans. I cook up about 3 cups of cereal per day for him!

This method is an excellent way to save money with feeding a newborn cereal. If they are breastfed, they really don’t need all the extra iron in the ready-to-mix cereals–it’s just constipating anyhow. And if they are formula fed, just mix some formula in the cereal after it’s cooked for a nutrition boost.

Anyhow, here’s the video:

And here’s a picture of what cream of amaranth looks like after it’s cooled down:

For a nice consistency in the rice cereal, I use a 1:6 ratio. For millet and amaranth, I find that I need to use a little more cereal to water. Usually I will cook 3 cups of water to one heaping half cup of cereal at a time. When cooking for a younger baby, who is just beginning to eat cereal, I probably cooked 1/2 cup of water with about a tablespoon of rice cereal. That made a nice thin cereal. It cooks up in about a minute or two–very quick and easy!

So that’s it, folks! Try it and save some money!

We are less than a week from the end of the contest, and I will be honest with you. I haven’t had the results I was hoping for. Now, either you’re waiting until the 31st (the official end of the contest) to sign up and enter, or I don’t know what. But as of Monday afternoon (the latest stats I have at the moment), my highest subscription (which has gone up and down) has not yet reached 25, and I have only had a few entries. This means that if you subscribe and enter your information on the form on the contest page, you have a a very good chance of winning. But only if we have at least 25 subscribers by the end of May! So share this blog (and especially the contest page) with your friends. You can enter extra times for doing this. Just go to the contest page for more details.

Please help me make this first give-away a success! I would hate to announce that there were no winners. I have done all I can. Now it’s up to you. Thank you for reading.

Please note: If you read this post in my Facebook notes or in a blog reader, you will need to actually go to my web page to view the entry form. Just click on the link above.

I don’t usually care for posts that have a lot of links in them to different places, but then again, maybe it’s because I’m always in such a hurry to scan through all the blogs I try to keep up with! I have noticed, however, that a lot of successful blogs have, at least once in a while, a list of links, rather than a whole article, so I’m going to post a “link round-up” once in a while. Here are some random favorites, grouped by topic:

Frugal Tips:

Here’s a way to save money with the vacuum bags.

This blog has a bunch of Rite-Aid coupons.

Home Schooling:

Preschooler Activity book. I bought this and love it!

Home School Legal Defense Association

A very interesting perspective on teaching young children to read.


Create a Decorator’s Notebook–what a neat idea!

Breastfeeding in Public–from the perspective of modesty.

How to Slice an Onion.

Selling on Ebay.

I think that’s enough for now. Be sure to check back in Monday morning for my recipe of the week!

That’s right. We got the keys today! Went to Home Depot to look at things. Tomorrow we’re going to buy a bunch of stuff–paint, flooring, some appliances. Will post pictures later. Stay tuned!

You can now find our Page on Facebook! Please follow (or like, as they call it now), to keep up with the latest. :)